We are at Loch Ness Knit Fest 13-15 October 2017

A great chance to have a look at full range of Schacht spinning wheels at Loch Ness Knit Fest.

Come, see and try Matchless, Ladybug, Sidekick and Flatiron. By the way, my Flatiron will be assembled with a flyer from the right side, as it is the best position for me while I am spinning. I am sure that there are plenty of spinners spinning yarn in the same way as I do. 
For those who love exotic fibers  I am planning to bring some Orenburg dawn (white and grey) for sale.
Giant Navajo Spindles, tiny Russian supported spindles - also will be available.

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Now in stock for immediate delivery Beautiful Yarn from Moscow.

As well as suppliers of spinning wheels and accessories we also carry large stock of beautiful Yarn and Fibre.

(80% Goats Dawn and 20% Merino Wool) Beautiful yarn, great for knitting shawls, spun in Russia, produced at "Pehorka" factory, Moscow.Each ball is 50 gr, 400 m. It took me 5 balls of yarn to make a beautiful silky touch lace shawl of 170 cm x 170 cm size.

We are also stockists of Shetland super fine fibre.


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Great way to get started with Russian Support Spindle

Beautiful Russian Support Spindle for those who wants to achieve the best results in making "spider web" yarn from wool and fine exotic fibers. This spindle equipped with metal end, so it will have longer turning effect, and will work for you hard and long.

Just try it, and you will love it!


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What model of Schacht spinning wheel should I buy?


Message from Olga Jamieson.

The Schacht family of wheels now features Matchless,Sidekick,Ladybug and the recently introduced Flatiron. Having spun on them all please feel free to call me or email me on what wheel would best suit your needs. All advice given is free :)

Happy Spinning



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Schacht Cranbrook Loom arriving in the Highlands.

We are due to take delivery of Schacht Cranbrook loom to the studio within the next two weeks - Olga is excited to start a new hobby - weaving!

The Cranbrook loom is available in 48″, 60″, and 72″ weaving widths. Accessories include: 12-treadle option, a second warp beam, sectional warp beam, tool tray, sliding threading bench, beater weight, and tension box rail, and raddle.

Included with the Cranbrook Loom:
worm gear
one stainless steel reed, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 15 dent
1000 Texsolv heddles
two cloth aprons
tie-up cords
lease sticks and warp separator sticks.


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New Schacht Spinning Wheels Now In Stock

We now carry in stock Ladybug, Matchless, Sidekick and our new family member the Flatiron. All orders received despatched next day for delivery with Free Starter pack.
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Free Starter Pack with all new spinning wheels

At Loch Ness Spindle we now supply FREE starter pack with all new spinning wheels ordered from the 19th March. Starter pack includes oil bottle,50 gram of super fine shetland wool fibre and unique Russian spindle.

Happy Spinning

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The Flatiron Spinning Wheel ( from Benjamin Krudwig / Schacht Spindle Company)

Here is a sneak preview of the newest Schacht spinning Wheel!

The Flatiron Spinning Wheel rises from a flat-packed box much like Boulder’s iconic Flatirons tilted up from a once horizontal position. Sit down and feel the majesty of this rock-solid wheel. The elegant design of the formed maple, apple-ply body calls upon the same drama that makes the Flatirons so striking. This unique Saxony style wheel is anything but traditional, much like our Boulder, CO.

Just as the Colorado landmark is recognized all over the world, the Flatiron, with its ingenious, compact packaging can be shipped anywhere with ease! With nearly all the tools necessary for assembly in the box, you can set this wheel up in just a few hours.

The superb Flatiron spinning wheel is customizable; you can build it to your preference, with either the flyer on the left or the right. With self-aligning bearings in the maidens, and a fully adjustable drive wheel, the whole system is sure to spin true. The clever quick release lever makes changing out bobbins trouble free.

The Flatiron can be set up in all three tensioning systems combined with our thoughtfully designed fine threaded tension control. All of our current whorls can be used with the Flatiron, allowing you to spin the yarns of your dreams–from frog’s-hair fine to art yarn.


Double treadle

Spinning modes: Scotch, double drive, bobbin-lead

Spinning ratios: 4.6:1 to 26:1

Weight: 15 pounds

Drive wheel: 22 1/2”

Orifice height: 26”

Dimensions: 33” wide x 33” tall x 18” deep

Comes with 3 bobbins, medium and fast whorls, cotton and poly drive bands, threading hook.

Special features: Can be assembled with the flyer on the right or the flyer on the left. Packs flat for shipping.

The Saxony style Flatiron comes with everything you need to spin. Just add fiber!

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My Story: Olga Jamieson

Thanks to  Schacht Spindle company for posting my story.

My Story: Olga Jamieson
March 2016 / Schacht Spindle / Story
Spinning on the Schacht Reeves in the Highlands of Scotland

I am of Russian nationality and met my husband in Scotland some five years ago. We live in Loch Ness, famous for its monster sightings.

My passion for craft work runs through my veins. My ancestors were experienced spinners, and I have my grandmother’s spinning wheel safely tucked away in my studio. Amazingly, however, I am a self-taught spinner. My Scottish husband secretly purchased a spinning wheel for me and encouraged me to develop my skills. I was excited and soon became a confident, natural spinner.

Over the years, I have purchased a variety of spinning wheels, but I continued to search for the best wheel for me. I found it in a 30” double treadle Schacht Reeves, with a right hand flyer, made of cherry wood. Ooh la la!

Shetland fibre and Russian supported spindles

Finished work

My Schacht Reeves is mine, all mine, and sits in my home with a five-foot perimeter fence around it (protection from my husband, God bless him, my son, and my dog). Spinning on the Schacht Reeves is effortless and satisfying. How better to spend one’s days spinning on what I consider to be the best spinning wheel ever produced (and believe me, I have spun on them all)—and to do it in the Highlands of Scotland.

Having caught the Schacht “bug,” so to speak, I decided to become an authorized dealer of Schacht products in Scotland. Allowing my customers the experience of spinning on a Schacht wheel gives them confidence when making the decision to purchase. I also import fiber and yarn (Shetland Super Fine is my favorite). My next project is to move on to weaving and looms, which will, in the very near future, take place of pride in my studio. As I always say, “Happy Spinning!”

-Olga Jamieson

Schacht Spindle
Schacht Spindle Company has been producing hand-crafted weaving and spinning equipment in Boulder, CO since 1969. We are committed to producing the tools for the crafts we love.

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