Whorls for Schacht-Reeves Spinning Wheel


Whorls for Schacht-Reeves Spinning Wheel

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What Whorl Do I Choose?
It depends…on your treadling rate, the fiber you’re spinning, and the type of yarn you want. There are no hard and fast rules about whorls. What is important is that you choose a whorl that helps your wheel do as much of the work for you as possible. In general: the bigger the whorl, the coarser the fiber, the thicker the yarn; the smaller the whorl, the finer the fiber, the smaller the yarn.

In addition to the fast and medium whorls included with each Schacht-Reeves wheel, they also offer slow speed, high speed, and super high speed whorls. Whorls are available in ash and cherry.


12:1 / 14.5:1 medium whorl, included with wheel

16:1 / 19:1 fast whorl, included with wheel

8:1 / 10:1 slow whorl, optional

22.5:1 / 25:1 high speed whorl, optional

28:1 / 31.5:1 super high speed whorl, optional


14.5:1 / 18:1 medium whorl, included with wheel

20:1 / 24:1 fast whorl, included with wheel

9.5:1 / 12:1 slow whorl, optional

27.5:1 / 30.5:1 high speed whorl, optional

34:1 / 38.5:1 super high speed whorl, optional

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