Traditional Weavers of Guatemala (Chandler/Cordon) BK1031


In Traditional Weavers of Guatemala, twenty artisans share their personal histories, hopes, and dreams along with the products of their hands and looms. The book is a story of tradition, innovation, and survival, embellished with the colors of a profound cultural heritage. Chandler and Cordon introduce a diverse range of fiber artists, including men and women and spanning generations, from thirty-three to eighty-nine. Many of the artists who, through necessity and creative expression, have evolved traditional weaving techniques and design. They explain subtle but significant regional differences in the use of patterns, colors, and styles. Photographer Joe Coca captures brilliantly the heart of his subjects and the beauty of their land. Through over 200 photographs, he tells a story of the physical beauty of Guatemala, of the diversity of a landscape that has shaped its people, of the Maya culture, and of the textiles themselves. "When you read this book, you step into Guatemala as though you were being welcomed into the homes of weavers in every area of the country and, in their own languages, able to ask them about their textile techniques and life histories. Weavers will especially love the detailed information about textile techniques, but every reader will love this tour of Guatemala and introduction to its people." Madelyn van der Hoogt, Editor Emerita, Handwoven magazine

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