Natural Shetland Combed Tops (Superfine, White)

Jamieson and Smith


Natural Shetland Combed Tops (Superfine, White)

(Colour: Superfine White, Size: 100g)

Shetland Combed Tops are made from the very finest Shetland Wool, which has been hand selected from the best fleeces each season. Superfine White top is also available, and has a slightly finer micron count than our regular tops.
Obtained mostly from the neck and shoulder part of the fleece, they are ideally suited to hand spinners, felt makers and those wishing to produce their own top quality textile items.
In order to prepare combed tops, the wool is first carded and then combed to separate the long fibres from the short. Combing also sets the fibres parallel to each other in preparation for spinning. This process produces a very resilient soft handling fibre, perfect for hand spinning, felt making and the production of high quality textiles and yarns.

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