Flatiron Bulky Plyer Flyer


Add plying and bulky yarn capabilities to your Matchless, Ladybug, Sidekick, or Flatiron spinning wheel. Features include a generously-sized 7/8″ orifice, large-capacity bobbins (about 8 ounces), sliding flyer hooks with incremental stops, and large round guide hooks. The Bulky Plyer Flyer comes with its own special front maiden, bulky flyer, and bulky bobbin. A cherry wood version for cherry Matchless spinning wheels is also available.


The Bulky Plyer Flyer Package comes with the bulky flyer, 1 bulky bobbin, and a front maiden and bearing for either the Matchless, Ladybug, Sidekick, or Flatiron. For spinners with multiple Schacht wheels, order this package for one wheel and the bulky front maiden and bearing for the other(s); the bulky flyer and bobbin can be used on your other Schacht wheels.

  • Regular, travel, and high speed bobbins fit on the bulky flyer shaft, so you don’t need to change flyers to use your existing bobbins.
  • The bulky bobbins fit on the Ladybug Lazy Kate.
  • Whorl ratios do not change when using the bulky flyer.

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