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Beautifully crafted, our Saxony wheel captures an enduring sense of history with stateof-the-art woodworking techniques. Designed in conjunction with Rick and Marge Reeves, the Saxony wheel incorporates traditional design in a wheel that’s a superb spinner. Available with both Scotch tension and double drive modes. Our Schacht-Reeves Saxony wheel is availabe in 24” and 30” models, as a double or single treadle, and in ash or cherry. Flyer on the left is standard; right-mounted flyer is available by special request.
Each wheel comes with three bobbins, two whorls, a Lazy Kate, and threading hook. Whorl ratios: 12:1 to 24:1.
Bobbins: The Schacht-Reeves flyer shaft is 5/16'' in diameter versus the original Reeves 1/4'' diameter. This means that the current Schacht bobbins can't be used on prior Reeves-made wheels.